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Babybox Clothing®️ was established in Miami on 2019 by Verónica Díaz & Joice González. Both born and raised in Venezuela and always exposed to the world of art and fashion.

Our mission is to build a profitable yet long-lasting brand dedicated to promoting the dialogue between art and textile garments to create a magical universe. Through our sweaters, we want to interpret how kids see the world and what is behind their eyes.

Through manual work, we have the mission of bringing back traditions that are disappearing and that promote female work and professional development, keeping women labor alive. Sustainability is one of the Pillars of BBox. 

Through aging, the enormous lenses we were given, become smaller and we forget how to dream. That is the reason why BBox is always seeking to open a box that transports you to the real world. A world, where kids and adults are invited to dream, believe in magic, a new world where we can finally see with fresh eyes, the eyes of children.

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