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Meraki, when you love doing something so much, you put something of yourself into it, your soul. meraki [May - Rah - Kee] a modern greek word often used to describe doing something with soul.

Meraki, the very essence of our brand culture, is social responsibility. We strive to make a positive daily impact on the lives of others, and this endeavor is the very thing that has brought our brand to life. At Meraki, we embrace a beautiful and unique group of female artisans who have the opportunity to feed their families and tell their stories through the garments they craft for us. We truly embody our brand’s culture as we are committed to sharing their talent with the world. By combining traditional Turkish heritage with modern Western production techniques, every Meraki piece is as unique as its story. With an eye towards sustainability, nothing is mass-produced, and everything is handmade with love and soul.

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