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Lia’s favorite thing about Peruvian brand Escvdo? The way their pieces
achieve that elusive balance between artisanal and luxurious. Their locally
sourced materials are exquisite —think alpaca, highland wool and organic
Pima cotton—, as are their effortlessly elegant silhouettes. Coming from a
country with such a rich textile heritage, it’s no wonder that craftsmanship
is at the core of the brand: their handmade crochet dresses, for example,
can take a single artisan up to a month to complete; and many of their
fabrics are exclusively developed by traditional weavers.

The laid back grace of Escvdo’s designs channels a type of Latin style that
we find particularly appealing: striking in its details but ostensibly
unassuming, breezy yet put together, quietly sumptuous.

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