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Interview with Lía Pellerano

Lía Pellerano: “I fall in love with the brands I represent —I live and feel them fully. And that’s the magic of this job: passion” 

Interview with Lía Pellerano

For Lía Pellerano, fashion is an experience. It’s both an emotional and tangible universe where discovering the story behind each garment and brand is part of the magic. Lía inherited this experiential approach to design from her mother and grandmother, who cultivated close friendships with creatives like Oscar de la Renta. 

Renowned in her native Dominican Republic, and across Latin America, for organizing trunk shows with the best brands in the region, Lía is now treading a new path to bring us all closer to Latin design.  

It may seem like a simple e-commerce platform, but La Dorada is much more: it is a space where you can discover the stories and pieces from the region’s top luxury designers and enjoy the ultimate insider shopping experience. La Dorada merges the convenience of the digital world with the sensorial experience of an in person trunk show. And it’s all curated by Lía herself. 

In a region where dozens of new brands seem to emerge each year, how do you distinguish the ones with real potential from the rest?  

It has a lot to do with a brand’s aesthetic —if I identify with it, if it fits my lifestyle. As I get closer to a brand I’m also very interested in its origins, where it comes from and how the pieces are made. In the end, though, it is really a matter of quality. That’s the most important aspect: exceptional quality. And that when I wear the brand I feel that fluttering in my stomach that makes me say: ‘This is it, it works.’ 

What criteria did you use when choosing the brands and designers for La Dorada? 

I only represent designers and brands that I wear and identify with, and which match my style. And that passion —that’s the magic of this job. Because it is very much a passion project. The key to my success is that I offer a unique shopping experience, and that is only possible because I fall in love with each brand I represent; I live and feel them fully. Plus, I offer my clients the access they can’t get anywhere else: we establish a relationship with the designer and offer a very personalized service, which can mean everything from made-to-order garments to support with shipping and returns. 

You mentioned your personal style influenced your choice of brands. How would you describe your style? 

Comfort above everything. I would say I am a pragmatic and casual dresser; classic with a modern touch. I’m not a slave to fashion or trends —I know what works for my silhouette and lifestyle. Which is why I look for functional pieces and brands. I have an active lifestyle, with a lot of engagements to attend, so I like to wear a single look per day that will take me seamlessly from one situation to the next. 

All the brands in La Dorada fit that pattern. Take Escvdo, for example: they create exquisite pieces with the perfect balance of luxury and craftsmanship. And each piece has a story to tell. Another great example is Andrea Gómez: her shoes are super comfortable and made with beautiful materials.  

Would you say there are essentially Latin traits that are present in most brands from our region? 

Yes, there are distinguishing traits in Latin fashion. First, Latin design contains part of our culture. Also, we are all a little ‘extra’, aren’t we? And our attention to detail usually gives us away. A t-shirt is never just a t-shirt, it always has that extra something that makes it stand out and turns it into something exceptional. That’s a very Latin trait. 

Latin American women also have a particular relationship to fashion, and a unique sort of elegance. How would you describe the Latin woman’s style?

Latin American women are very put together. They are delicate, coquettish. Their style is effortless but not really, because there’s real attention to detail. 

Who did you have in mind when you conceived La Dorada? 

It’s a platform for women who are looking for the access and personal relationships we offer. And, above all, for women who want quality. Our clients are well aware of the importance of details, which makes them very demanding: they know what they want, they have knowledge of the industry and impeccable judgment. The ‘Dorada woman’ travels frequently and can shop anywhere in the world, but she chooses to buy Latin fashion because she prefers fresh, distinctive options that aren’t available everywhere; that is, something different from what the classic luxury fashion houses have to offer.  

You have a special relationship with many of the designers available in La Dorada, like Mónica Sordo. How does that contribute to the platform and to the shopping experience you offer?

It’s true, there is an emotional aspect to my work. I greatly admire all the designers I collaborate with; if I didn’t feel that way I wouldn’t work with them. In fact, with many of them I don’t have a business relationship, we are simply friends. That rapport starts when I discover and try the brand, and follow its evolution. And I believe La Dorada channels that —our clients can feel, experience and enjoy that special relationship the same way I do. 

All brands on La Dorada are considered luxury brands. Tell us, what does luxury mean to you? 

Luxury in fashion is about quality. Quality of materials, finishes and design. And quality is expensive. 

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