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Interview with Samantha Tams

With her eye for detail and ability to identify potential in up-and-coming brands, Samantha Tams is a total ‘Dorada Woman’. 

Samantha Tams

Born in Mexico City and raised in Cuernavaca, a small town outside the capital, Samantha started in the industry as a Buyer for the then newly opened Saks Fifth Avenue in Mexico City, and later leveraged her extensive experience to become a fashion consultant and brand strategist.

In 2018, Samantha and fellow industry connaisseur Estefanía Lacayo launched the Latin American Fashion Summit, a platform that works to unite and amplify Latin talent. 

As a great supporter of our region’s creatives, and a woman whose personal style we admire, we are thrilled to have Samantha answer our Mujer Dorada Questionnaire. 

Favorite film

I have so many! They are usually funny, easy chick-flick types of movies. 

Favorite artist

I recently met Cuban artist Marco Castillo and I am obsessed with his wooden cardboard tridimensional pieces. 

Favorite architect/designer

Hector Esrawe. 

Favorite musician/s

Florence and the Machine.

Currently reading

The Cartiers, by Francesca Cartier Brickell. 

A hidden passion/talent 

I love languages, if I could have a superpower it would be to understand and speak every language. 

A fear 


A short-term personal goal

To learn Portuguese. 

One important lesson, drawn particularly from your experience as a woman entrepreneur, that you’d like to pass on to others

Grow thick skin and fight to have your voice heard. 

A mantra you live by 

“My life is moving forward perfectly; Each bump in the road is there for a reason and everything is happening according to a greater plan. I am becoming new; each day I work to make myself the person I want to be.”

Your go-to for creative inspiration (cinema, architecture, a favorite artist, etc.)

Nature; taking a simple walk or going to the ocean.

A long-term professional goal

To become the biggest fashion platform in Latin America that helps entrepreneurs connect with an entire ecosystem of opportunities. 

Your favorite part of your job

Hearing inspiring stories of how LAFS has helped entrepreneurs thrive or find opportunities through the platform. This is the fuel that keeps me going. 

One way in which your creative sensitivity has nurtured your professional endeavors

I’m not that creative, to be honest; what has nurtured my professional endeavors is quite the opposite - it is structure and discipline. 

What, if anything, do you collect? 

Back in 2014 my husband and I had the idea to start collecting Christmas ornaments of every place we have visited, so we could tell our kids all the places where we have traveled while putting up the Christmas tree. They are now all broken… 

A distinct trait/custom you carry from your Latin cultural heritage

To be a good host. 

The most-prized “Latin American heirloom” that you own

A Colombian emerald pendant that belonged to my late grandmother. 

The first things that come to mind when thinking of a ‘MUJER DORADA’: 

Glamour, head-turner, glowing.

3 ways in which, according to you, Latin American fashion stands out

Vibrant colors and prints, and elegantly incorporating cultural heritage. 

Why you’re looking forward to the launch of LA DORADA

The wonderful curation of brands!

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